Remedy Student Ministry: Never Stop Sharing

We exist to fill God’s house with people and connect them to God, Growth, and Ministry by compelling them to attend 1 service a week, attend 1 connect group a week, serve once a week, support a missions project once a quarter, and reach 1 person year.

Connect to God

Our goal is to get students to connect to God by teaching them the truth of the Word. We have been blessed with great facilities to build an atmosphere for worship. We have many opportunities for our students to be baptized after they have been saved. 

Connect to Growth

We encourage our students to get connected in our small groups in order to grow and be challenged to live out their faith in this culture. We communicate the importance of accountability and our team of small group leaders are motivated and committed to our students to help further their growth. 

Connect to Ministry

The call to go and spread the gospel is something we take seriously. We have plenty of events to which our students can invite their friends to hear the gospel. We also work with our missions pastors Mark Bedwell and David Trivette to plan missions trips for our students to be a part of in order to spread the message of Christ to those who need to hear it both in our country and around the world. 

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